Rob and Dana Linn Bailey are no strangers to hard work. Together, the couple built themselves from the ground up in multiple aspects of life conquering everything before them. Currently, Dana is arguably leading the women’s strength movement which began with her journey to becoming the first ever Women’s Physique Pro and the first ever Women's Physique Olympia champion. Marketing on grassroots of honesty and integrity, Rob and Dana built a strong fan base through their clothing line FLAG NOR FAIL. The powerful couple is involved in a wide variety of realms including music, fabrication, real estate and gyms; all of which are simply by pursuing every single dream they have ever had. They are truly living the American dream. If you are currently unfamiliar with Rob and Dana, it is only a matter of time until you are. Working day and night, being known for having the hardest work ethic and toughest traveling schedule out there, they let nothing stand in front of them that they will not conquer.

  • Speed Warhouse
  • Flag Nor Fail
  • Run Everything Labs
  • Warhouse Gym